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Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at Sam Hatfield Realty, Inc.


November 2015


Sign Sighting Contest Winners

Congratulations to Georgie and Robert Speers, winners of the first annual Sam Hatfield Realty Sign Sighting contest. The Speers received two YETI tumblers for their winning entry!!! If you missed this contest, look for information in monthly newsletters for future contests!!!!



SHR was involved in:

MLS #1675268

Rhoton Place Lynchburg, TN $ 234,900  

  Fabulous lakefront lot in Ridgeville Subdivision 240' +/- of shoreline on Tims Ford Lake.

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If you would like more information on this property or to schedule a showing, please call our office at 931-968-0500 or Sam Hatfield at 931-580-6207. Please visit our website at for all of our listings.

Two lots for the price of one!
MLS #1672271

Lake St. Lots 33 & 34 Estill Springs,TN $31,900

Two lots for the price of one! Lots have a view of the lake and access to the lake via common area.

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If you would like more information on this property or to schedule a showing, please call our office at 931-968-0500 or Sam Hatfield at 931-580-6207. Please visit our website at for all of our listings.

Dakota’s Corner

November begins the season for Thanksgiving - what better place to be thankful is at a lake home on beautiful Tims Ford Lake. I am thankful for my loving master and the home provided for me – what are you thankful for??? We will be taking our last lake cruise of the season during November – hope to see you on the lake!!!

Calendar of Events

  • November 1: Daylight Savings Time Ends (Fall Back)

  • November 3: Election Day

  • November 11: Veterans Day

  • November 26: Thanksgiving

  • November 27: Black Friday

A Perfect Thanksgiving Table

A Perfect Holiday. . .

Unlike many other holidays, Thanksgiving arrives in what seems like a matter of minutes, and although it leaves just as quickly, a feeling of contentment and inner peace remains. Warm, fall colors grace our table as warm, delicious foods grace our bellies.

Special decorations adorn the table, which is itself covered in the finest tablecloth — gold on gold, autumn-colored leaves, rustic-colored plaid, or off-white Quaker lace. A family of pumpkins takes the center stage in a delightful array as they sit and watch the festivities.

The festivities begin early in the morning as we wait and watch for the arrival of Santa Claus in the Thanksgiving Day Parade, and they end late in the day as we fall asleep on the sofa pretending to watch television along with everyone else.

We tell stories about the time when our brother tried so hard to grab the wishbone that he fell head first into the bowl of mashed potatoes. Nonetheless, no one went hungry simply because this is one meal where you can find more food on the dinner menu than in the refrigerator itself.

This is a day not just of stuffing a turkey, but of stuffing yourself. It is a day of trying to gauge just how much food you can pile onto your plate and then trying to find a way to sneak what you can't eat onto your sibling's plate without being noticed. It is a day of trying to forget how hard you fought over the turkey's tail until you finally realized what it was and just where it sat on the turkey.

No matter how many Thanksgiving dinners we sit through, we always look forward to this time of camaraderie, treasured memories, and sumptuous food. The home is full of aromatic smells tempting us even before it's time to give thanks for all that we have to be grateful for on this day. As we glance at the table settings to find our places, we can't help but be reminded of those who are no longer with us and those who are yet to join us in this world.

There are no long weeks of agonizing over what mom or dad has hidden in the closet for Christmas morning to endure. There are no endless sessions writing out cards to greet relatives that we only meet with pen and paper. There are no endless waits in line at overcrowded and overly warm stores just to purchase gifts that will most likely be returned the following month.

Deserves the Perfect Decorations

Instead, there's simply the decorating of the perfect Thanksgiving table by selecting a theme and sticking with it. Set out tableware in hues of muted gold, glowing orange, earthy brown, warm russet, and natural red to grace the table in a medley of dazzling fall grandeur. The salt and pepper shakers have a commanding presence in the lifelike image of pilgrims, Indians, pumpkins, or turkeys. The glassware is crystal clear, allowing the other colors to reflect from its brightness. The best silverware graces the table with its elegant appearance.

We add freshly washed napkins to match this year's selection of a tablecloth, complete with cute napkin rings in the likeness of turkeys, pumpkins, or pilgrims. The napkins are intricately folded to resemble turkeys or to form a creative pouch for our silverware setting. Napkins with a busy pattern add a touch of pizzazz to an elegant yet simply designed tablecloth, whereas solidly colored napkins tone down an already busy table.

Perhaps personalized placemats are used to identify seating arrangements or simply to show a sign of affection. Again, warm colors continue the theme of autumn. Additionally, matching placemats and napkins can add a unique look to the table décor.

With a solid-colored tablecloth, so many more options exist for decorating the remainder of the table. A patterned tablecloth that employs a lighter version of a color on a darker version of a color presents a nice appearance while maintaining some neutrality.

Place cards can be used if desired and provide an excellent way to add a little zest to the table. Design your own either on the computer or by hand. Store bought varieties are very attractive and are available in a wide variety of designs.

The Thanksgiving dinner table centerpiece is typically the eye catcher of the day — after the turkey, of course. A bevy of candles in different sizes and in fall colors makes an attractive centerpiece. A crystal bowl of fresh fruit or a platter draped in grapes and filled with colorful baby pumpkins and gourds is also an excellent choice.

Part of the fun of any holiday season is the opportunity to decorate our homes. Fortunately, even though the basic methods remain the same, there are always opportunities to express a little something special in a completely new look.

Thanksgiving Napkins

Thanksgiving napkins can add a decorative touch to an already-elegant table. Shaped napkins can be used to decorate plates or even your centerpiece. Consider these factors before purchasing holiday napkins

Color Selection

Will you want to reuse the napkins for another holiday season? If you are planning on using the same napkins for other holiday or family dinners, purchase neutral colors that can easily blend with several holiday decorative schemes.

Pattern Selection

If your tablecloth is busy, select napkins that are simple in design or one color. If your tablecloth is simple and one color, select a livelier pattern toi spruce up your table presentation.

Fabric Selection

Do you want something you can reuse? Do you want something that is easy to clean? Do you want something that is less costly? If you answered yes to any of those questions, get cotton napkins or napkins made from cotton blends. If you want something a bit more elegant, and you aren’t concerned with price or ease of cleaning, opt for linen, instead.


Will you be crafting the napkins into turkeys, cornucopias, or pilgrim hats? If you are creating some kind of three-dimensional shape, select napkins that appear somewhat stiff, rather than delicate and lacy.

If you expect your guests to use their napkins, make sure that brand new ones are properly washed before placing them on the table. If you are using a starch on your napkins prior to creating your masterpieces, use it sparingly. Add-on items can create nice effects, as well. For example, you could create faces for your turkeys from colored paper.

Don't forget about napkin rings. The sheer variety of them guarantees you'll find a suitable set for your napkins.

Thanksgiving Placemats

Decorating the Thanksgiving table with colorful placemats can be creative and fun. Whether you select personalized placemats for family members, holiday-themed placemats that speak turkey, or neutral-colored placemats that can be used for multiple holidays, the choice is yours. Consider the following before making a purchase.


When selecting your Thanksgiving placemats, it is essential to consider whether you are looking for versatility, style, or functionality and shop accordingly.


Reusable placemats in basic colors such as white, off white, brown, and beige are versatile enough to be used throughout the year or over multiple holidays.


Personalized placemats introduce a nice touch of family life into the table setting. You can design your own in any number of ways, from sewing by hand or machine to designed some sort of wax paper craft. However you make it, a personalized placemat says something special to the person using it.


Durable placemats that can be used year after year are often made of cotton or a cotton-blend fabric, making them easy to clean.

Thanksgiving Tablecloths

The tablecloth is one of the most readily-apparent pieces of your entire table setting. Keep it simple and basic if you intend to do a lot of decorating with smaller items throughout the rest of the table, making sure to coordinate the colors of your tablecloth with those of your placemats and napkins.

Decide if you want to use this tablecloth for other holidays, as well, or make it exclusive to Thanksgiving. If you plan to use it more than once a year, select a versatile pattern or colors that will go well with other holiday or family dinners. If you want to use your tablecloth only for Thanksgiving, find a Thanksgiving-themed tablecloth that you will enjoy using from year to year.

If your tablecloth is a solid color, you can add some panache by placing a themed and colorful table runner down the center of your table. Table runners can easily be whipped up by anyone who is handy with a needle and thread, but even if that's not you, you can always go to the store and buy one.

Thanksgiving Place Cards

Thanksgiving dinner often involves large numbers of family members, friends, and neighbors. If you like to prearrange the seating accommodations, place cards are the easiest way to accomplish this without any fuss.

Store-bought place cards come in a variety of designs, styles, colors, and prices. Select the ones that go with your table-setting theme. Better yet, design and craft your own using colored paper, stamps, markers, or whatever you like.

Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Thanksgiving centerpieces can be simple or complex. It's a question of personal preference. You can use something you already have, something store-bought, or a combination of the two.

Perhaps one of the easiest and most often-used centerpieces is the candle arrangement. If you typically use this as a centerpiece, try something new and different this year. Arrange your candles in a new pattern. Perhaps a row of candles that get progressively larger as the approach the center of the table and then taper off again on their way to its opposite end? Try alternating the candles in a variety of fall colors.

Several pairs of candlesticks in the center of the table in varying sizes can make an attractive arrangement. Again, vary the colors to coordinate with your tablecloth, placemats, or napkins. For a little added holiday theme, place several foil-wrapped chocolate turkeys, ceramic-pilgrim salt and pepper shakers, or small cornucopias among the candlesticks.

Bright, colorful plants in decorative flowerpots also make attractive centerpieces. If your plant already has enough color to it, it will make an excellent centerpiece on its own. If it is almost entirely green, consider a few small gourds carefully placed near its base for an added touch of fall.

A firm pumpkin, or even a ceramic one, can be combined with greenery and fresh fruit for an attractive display as a centerpiece. Consider piling up an attractive display of fresh fruit, a small pumpkin, greenery, or even small decorative dessert items on a pedestal cake plate for a real eye catcher.

Another very colorful idea that allows you to reuse some of the items from season to season is a medley of beaded fruit pieces. Simply purchase a colorful set of beaded fruits that will blend with your tablecloth. The fruits add a sparkly touch of color.



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